The Importance of a Real Vacation

Riviera Maya
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By “Real Vacation” I mean: Do whatever you have to to clear your mind. Don’t think about anything. Think about nothing.

I recently came back from a long week in Mexico (Riviera Maya – Secrets Capri) and it was indeed a REAL vacation. I highly recommend it as a “Real Vacation” spot.

A “Real Vacation” is not a trip to Las Vegas, it is not a trip to Montreal, it is not a ski or snowboard trip (although my mind is pretty clear when I do those things), it is not a trip or visit back to college or a road trip to a sporting event.

In this day in age, it’s nearly impossible to escape. I’d argue that 80% of your day is spent with your phone or computer. Whether or not your are using it, its there. You are thinking about it. Thinking about who is going to call you or text message you. And because you are thinking about it, you happen to break it out  and read the news, send someone a message because your board, or check Facebook.

And if your not thinking about the next possible message vibrating out of your phone, your thinking about work, your family, your significant other, the television show you watched last night.

I also hear people talk about how they have ADD or ADHD, and while some may very well indeed have chemical imbalances, the rest of us are just ADD brainwashed because of how much multi-tasking occurs in our daily lives. Some Buddhists call this “Monkey Brain.” We call it ADD.

All of this put a huge strain on your physical and mental self. We call this stress.

Do yourself a favor. When you get a chance, take a REAL vacation and clear your mind. You’ll thank me when you do.

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