Whiteboards – The KY Jelly For Ideas

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My friend Jeremy suggested that people take his blog post titles and write their own story. Considering I just finished drawing pictures and diagrams on a whiteboard for 4 hours, I thought this title was most appropriate. And the fact that I’m writing this post at 3am on a subway should add a little more color to just how much mental lubrication white boards can account for.

Truth is, ideas come and go. I know this because I have an ongoing ideas spreadsheet that has many, many ideas but I also know 98% of them will never see the light of day. At least not because of me. And this simple truth is really the difference between an idea and something that is tangible. It’s being able to take the lofty, grandiose idea and turn it into reality. And doing that is not easy. At all. Its hard, risky, time-consuming, and it’s entirely probable that it will fail.

So what do you do? I say, “fuck it” (as I listen to dirty south hip hop on my iPod). Win or fail, I’ll at least try, and it will start with a 4 hour, lubricated white board sessions. KY style.

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