“My name is also Daniel Reich, and strange as it seems, I found your blog doing a bing search on my own name.”

This is a damn small world. The Internet makes it that much smaller. Just read the title of this post as proof (or see entire comment here from another Daniel Reich).

For the rest of your life, everything you do and say will be public information and will be easily accessible. You can argue with me all you want but 10 years from now, if by some chance I recall that argument and feel like being in a “I told you so” mood, I’ll be sure to take your most embarrassing picture and make it its own website just to remind you how right I was.

Ok, I probably won’t do that (even though I or anyone else could).

The point is that in today’s world you must control and own your own web presence.

Go to Google, type in your name, see what comes up.

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