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I just finished reading a blog post by James Altucher titled “Do You Have to Be Rich to Be Honest?” Go read it. It is very refreshing and the theme of the post is probably the same reason why I read his blog every day. I think the theme of his post is also the reason why I am attracted to certain people, artists and musicians who deliver the same sense of raw, unfiltered honesty.

Jay Z, Nas, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Jon Stewart, Louis C.K, Howard Stern…

To me, these people represent raw clarity in their respective crafts. When you listen to Jay Z rap or listen to Howard Stern conduct an interview, you quickly realize how easy it is to get sucked up into their words. You can feel their honesty pour out and for that reason we are sucked in. At least I am and always have been.

And in a world where we are finally able to speak our minds to anyone and everyone with 140 characters, it is very easy to see how someone might be overly cautious or choosy with what they do, say or write. But after reading thousands of blog posts and listening to equally as many songs, I now see that the best pieces of work, and people, are always those that convey raw truth.

In fact, I think some of my more popular blog posts were written after having a few beers and not really giving a shit about how they turned out.

In closing, I hope that tomorrow you will strive to be a little more honest in your life and James lays out a great blue print for “How to exercise the honesty muscle.” I am by no means perfect, in fact far from it, but I’m at least going to try to be a little better and a little more honest.


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