Joe Grand hacked time to recover $3 million from a Bitcoin software wallet

In 2022, I embarked on a crazy journey to unlock a Trezor hard wallet holding over two million dollars worth of cryptocurrency. It felt like a wild goose chase, each step filled with tension, anticipation, and ridiculous commentary in my group chats. As we got closer to cracking the wallet, we realized that there were many others out there facing similar predicaments, desperately needing help to recover their lost digital fortunes.

When Joe Grand finally succeeded in freeing my coins, it was a moment of immense relief and high-fiving. But more importantly, it sparked an idea. We saw an opportunity to assist others who found themselves locked out of their cryptocurrency treasures.

Thus, was born—a company dedicated to helping people recover passwords, private keys, and other crucial cryptocurrency data from hardware and software wallets. Our mission is to provide a lifeline for those navigating the complex and often unforgiving world of digital assets, ensuring that no one has to endure the anxiety and uncertainty that I experienced.

And just this week, Joe did it again, this time with some help, and a very different problem and approach.

The video and story are here. Also posted below.

And if you or anyone you know are in need of some help recovering crypto currency, please drop us a line.

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