Alyssa Milano, Star Wars and The “Rainbow Swan” Effect

Black Swans, Purple Cows, colorful animals..

The idea that something big and unexpected could happen without notice is a joke. At this point in time, if you don’t expect big and unexpected things to happen without notice, then you aren’t really paying attention in the first place. This is why I don’t understand big banks, agency ratings and their financial models (besides the fact that I don’t really understand big banks, agency ratings and their financial models).

The financial crisis, BP’s oil mega-mis-step, earthquakes, wars…

These are all things that we know will happen, in some way, shape, or form. But now that we live in a highly interconnected world, the likelihood of these events happening are much greater and will be much more frequent. ย In fact, during the financial crisis, three kids (now known as Cornwallย Capital) took $100k and bet it on these “rare” events. They turned $100k into $15M which they then turned into $120M.

They essentially bet on “black swan” events.

I digress..

In today’s world, mini-black swans will occur almost daily. ย We’ll call these “rainbow swans.”

Take for example these two recent “tweets” by Alyssa Milano.

The first was:

Well, shortly after, she tweeted this:

With nearly 850K followers on twitter, she was able to move a relatively large mass of people, at a specific moment in time, to a relatively unknown website. To that website owner, he has no doubt experienced a mini black swan, now unofficially known as a, “rainbow swan” event.

How was Brennan supposedย to know that Alyssa Milano would be in the mood for a hemp-jacket wearing Jar-Jar Banks?

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